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Your Official Electrolube Distributors

We are official distributors for Electrolube and supply a range of their products, including many that are available ex-stock. They specialise in the formulation of Conformal Coatings, Potting and Encapsulation Compounds and many more.


In electronics manufacture cleaning is an essential process, for many years this has been used to remove potentially harmful contaminants. The Fluxclene is a fast-drying solvent cleaner specially formulated for the quick and efficient removal of flux residues after soldering. The non-halogenated cleaning solvent will not attack the ozone layer. A CO2 propelled aerosol version is available which is 20% more of an active cleaner and can be used at 360° orientation. This product dries without leaving any residue but does leave a clean, dry surface all in one cleaning step.

HPA Conformal Coating

The HPA is a high-performance acrylic conformal coating specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of many applications in the defence and aerospace industries. This product provides an excellent performance in a wide range of challenging conditions and is military approved. The transparent coating is ideal for LED applications and those exposed to UV light. The high adhesion is resistant to mould growth and can be removed with the Electrolube ULS.

If you are interested in the Electrolube products we offer, take a look at our website. We will be able to find the best fit for your requirements so give us a call on 01482 627327.


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