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Electronics Sourcing Specialists

In order to simplify the order management and invoicing process for our customers, we offer an electronic sourcing solution. As part of our commitment to quality customer service we aim to be a single point of contact for all of your electronic manufacturing needs from soldering stations to everyday consumables and everything in between.

We have an allocated area in our warehouse that allows us to dispatch goods as and when they are required. However, if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can source it for you. By doing this, we are able to consolidate orders to reduce carriage charges and the number of deliveries for our customers.

Some of our biggest customers have chosen to take advantage of Grosvenor being an Electronic Sourcing Specialist and now feeling the benefits of:

Consolidated shipments

Reduced carriage charges

Stock replenishment on an agreed timescale

Buffer stock held at our warehouse and shipped as required

Reduced number of orders, invoices & deliveries

Reduced wastage due to product expiry

Adoption of customer part numbers to aid traceability

Consignment/Kanban stock capability

We are able to supply our customers with hundreds of different products. To find out more about our electronic sourcing services contact our team today on 01482 627327 or email


Vendor-Maintained Inventory (VMI) is a technology-based point-of- work vending solution.

Key Benefits:

Just-in-time: minimum stock holdings, maximum efficiency.
This allows the product buyer to have reduced stock holdings at your stores, warehouses or locations.
We stock your parts ready for next day delivery which reduces your number of suppliers.
Allows us to do your purchasing for you.
You will receive consolidated invoices.
Your parts will have a dedicated area in our stores.
No stock outs – Guaranteed.
Minimises disruptions.
Minimises admin costs.
Easy and immediate access to stock.
Live management information & controls.
All done with ISO Accreditation


Consignment stock

Consignment stock is stock legally owned by us but held by you. This provides savings and efficiency but allows your staff and facilities to run, manage & report on levels of consignment stock.

Parts are only invoiced once you’ve used them.

Reduced number of invoices, meaning less admin work.

Reduced number of deliveries, meaning less of a strain for your goods in.

Agreed maximum and minimum levels of stock, so you’ll never run out.

We’ll come & count stock at least once per month (More if required)

All done with ISO Accreditation.

Buying Service

Reduce Number of suppliers, let Grosvenor take the strain of buying orders for you.

Agreed % of mark up.

No more setting up of 1 off buy suppliers.

Let us use our buying power to save you money.

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