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ISO 9001 – Grosvenor Associates Corporation Ltd Headquarters and Distribution Centre has been successfully registered to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard since 2001. We continue to commit time and resources to the elimination of waste and improved productivity through the implementation of lean concepts within Grosvenor.We actively build cooperative relationships with our suppliers and customers, promoting mutual respect and loyalty. We’ve sought out the highest quality individuals to represent our team while promoting ongoing training and education at all levels of our organisation. It is our intent to provide our customers with consistent service and technical support.

We utilise measurements of productivity, quality and customer feedback to report our progress on a monthly basis. This reporting also provides Grosvenor the trend analysis needed to implement improvement opportunities.

As a distributor, the controlled tracking of documentation and materials by lot/batch is of critical importance. To manage this task, Grosvenor utilises a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System. Not only does this computer system offer accurate, real-time information on current stock levels, lots, shelf life and customer requirements, it retains a history of all lot-tracked items and their corresponding customer orders. Grosvenor also takes First-In-First-Out stock rotation very seriously. Our pledge is to maintain the freshest material available for our customers.

Grosvenor is continually looking for ways to improve productivity, quality, delivery performance and customer satisfaction.

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