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GC10 Solder Paste

What is Solder Paste?

Solder paste is a mixture of metal solder powder and flux, the two elements that are required to successfully solder together two pieces of metal. Much like any other form of solder such as bars or wire. Solder paste is more commonly used for creating bonds between printed circuit board pads and surface mount devices.

We Stock Loctite GC10 Solder Paste

LOCTITE GC10 is a halogen free, zero halogens added, no-clean, low voiding, Pb-free solder paste specially formulated to provide added long term stability over a wide range of temperature conditions. Did you know that Loctite GC10 is suitable for use with industry standard SAC alloys.

Here are some features and benefits of Loctite GC 10:


  • Down to 0.3 mm pitch
  • Up to 72 hours stencil life
  • Up to 24 hours abandon time
  • Suitable for high-speed printing up to 125 mms-1
  • Improved paste-transfer efficiency


  • Enhanced soak process window 150-200ºC (temperature and time)
  • Enhanced process window with superior coalescence and wetting
  • Minimal hot slump at 182ºC
  • Clear, colorless residues for easy post-reflow inspection
  • Residues print testable after 4x reflows

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