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Electronic Sourcing Specialists

To simply the management of your orders and invoices we offer a bespoke electronics sourcing solution. We supply all our customers a single point of contact who will organise your stock management, delivery and overall customer service. We supply a whole range of items serving the electronics industry from Electrolube right through to Loctite and Multicore product ranges.

Our single sourcing service provides you with a dedicated space in our warehouse allowing our expert team to dispatch items as and when they may be required by your business. By consolidating your orders you can save valuable resources such as time and money. Some of the biggest benefits for order consolidation include:

– Reduced carriage charges.
– Stock replenishment on agreed timescale.
– Reduced wastage due to stock expiry.
– Reduced paperwork such as invoices, orders and deliveries.
– Adoption of customer part numbers to aid traceability.
– Stock replenishment on an agreed timescale.

If you are interested in this service please get in touch with our expert team. They will guide you through the process and make sure your business works alongside ours in an efficient manner. If we don’t have a product you require in stock, ask our team about our souring service.

So why not consolidate your stock, save time and reduce carriage charges by using our electrotonic single sourcing service for your products today?

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