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A Month of Multicore

We are able to provide expert knowledge and advice to help our customers find the perfect Multicore products, as we are official Multicore distributors. Our team of Multicore specialists are able to answer any questions you may have about any of their products. We stock a range of their products from solder paste, solder wire to different fluxes.

Solder Wire

We can supply the specialist solder wire that may not be available anywhere else. At Grosvenor we stock the 381 solder in both Sn60 and Sn63 alloy in a variety of wire diameters. We offer the multicore solder wire in different diameters including LMP, HMP, Savbit, Arax and Alusol. The Multicore 381 cored wire is specially formulated to conform to the QQ-S-571E type RMA specification and can be used in a range of electronic applications.

Solder Paste

Multicore’s solder paste is used by many well-known multi-national companies who rely on Henkel for their high-performance products. We supply the solder paste in many different lead free and leaded alloys. They are available in different sizes from 25gm syringes to 500gm tubs and 1 kilo semco cartridges. The Multicore GC 10 is a halogen free, zero halogens added, no-clean, low voiding, Pb-free solder paste which has been specially formulated to provide added long-term stability over a wide range of temperature conditions.

If you would like more information on the Multicore products we stock, check out our website or call us on 01482 627327 for more information.


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